Nelson Street, London E1 2DE, UK
47 Nelson Street England E1 2DL GB

Tanzeel Maktab & Hifdh Madrasah was established in 2007 providing Quran classes for children in a safe environment with female teachers, small class sizes of thirteen children per class, a robust child protection policy and Cctv in every class.

Progress is monitored by a daily diary and written reports every 6 months with face to face parent teacher meetings and unlimited access to the head teacher to deal with any concerns.

We teach tajweed, Hifdh, Arabic language, Islamic Studies & Dua/Salah with meaning.

Our students are from age 4 to 18 and alhamdulillah we currently have over 4000 students in 12 campuses studying with us every day.

Our biggest pride is the fact many of our students are now teachers at our school.

Boys and Girls
Local Authority
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Head Teacher
Noman Ahmed
Quran, Islamic Studies, Hifz, Arabic Language
All staff checked
Child Protection training
All staff trained
Qualified Teachers
All teachers qualified