Madrassah Standards

We have developed the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) which fully complies with the Department for Education’s code of practice. Our MQSF has been developed following years of research, consultation, supporting and teaching within the Madrassah and Mosque arena.

There is currently a lack of defined safeguarding protocols for out-of-school settings in the same manner as registered schools. This has affected 1000s of Muslim children who attend Madrassah (Quranic after school or weekend classes). As a result we have reviewed the Department for Education’s code of practice and subsequently developed legal policies and procedures to ensure that Madrassahs comply with statutory requirements. In turn, this helps to instil a safe and suitable environment for all children, including those vulnerable to abuse. Our MQSF also provides professional and tailored support support to improve the overall governance and running of Madrassahs at  managerial, administrative and pedagogical levels.

The MQSF comprises 3 tier Accreditation Levels (Mizan, Kausar, Firdaus), each level containing policies and procedures designed to raise standards in the Madrassah sector in order to enable it to fulfil its purpose with excellence. These levels reflect the 5 key areas of standards in the DfE’s code of practice (Health & Safety; Safeguarding and Child Protection; Suitability of Staff; Governance and Finance), as well as compliance with the Charity Commission. 

Official Madrassah Kitemark

The official Madrassah Quality Standard (MQS) Kitemark has been launched for Madrassahs across the UK. The MQS comprises 3 level of standards (Mizan, Kausar, Firdaus), each level containing policies and procedures designed to raise standards in the Madrassah, which also fully complies with the Department for Education’s code of practice.


When you attain a quality Standard you will be an official member of The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM)

Becoming a member

To become a member of the National Association (NAM) you must have one of the following standards (Mizan, Kauser or Firdaus)


The MQSF 3 Tier Accreditation Framework (Mizan, Kauser, Firdaus) is designed to raise standards in the Madrassah sector

Madrassah Standards

There is a list of criteria a Madrassah must meet before applying for the Mizan (Bronze) status which once attained will allow you to achieve Kauser (Silver) and Firdaus (Gold) standard


The time it takes to attain a level depends on each Madrassah and how quickly and effectively they can implement each policy

Achieving Standards

It may take one week or several months depending on the senior management team and the teaching staff and how well the Quality Standards can be adhered to as a culture within the organisation


Madrassahs who apply for Quality Standards attainment will be given professional and tailored support

We will help you attain standards

We have a dedicated team that work with many Madrassahs across the UK in process of attaining standards. You will receive full time dedicated support from us.

DfE Compliant

Our MQSF aligns with the DfE's Code of Conduct, specifically designed for out-of-school settings.

We fully comply with the DfE's Code of Conduct

We have reflected the 5 key areas of standards set by the DfE:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Safeguarding and Child Protection
  3. Suitability of Staff
  4. Governance
  5. Financial Management

Course Details

The Madrassah Quality Standard Framework (MQSF) facilitates the development of leaders, teachers and administrative staff as well as the institutions they serve. It will work towards quality of Islamic education within a safe, sustainable and spiritually uplifting environment.

Mizan (Bronze), Kausar (Silver) and Firdaus (Gold) are the three levels within the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF). Each level is governed by eight frameworks and each framework entails a different set of policies and procedures that a Madrassah must implement in order to attain that level. Below is an outline of those eight frameworks:

  • Framework 1: Policies & Procedures
  • Framework 2: Structure & Management
  • Framework 3: Staff Recruitment & HR
  • Framework 4: Student Admissions
  • Framework 5: Teaching Strategies
  • Framework 6: Madrassah Curriculum
  • Framework 7: Performance Assessment
  • Framework 8: Child Protection

The following is a step-by-step outline of the process:

  1. Get in touch by email or phone and provide basic details about your Madrassah

  2. Make the Payment

  3. Agree a date for starting the confidential Mizan Level audit

  4. Audit team (1 or 2 members of expert staff) will visit on an agreed date during Madrassah working hours lasting 1 to 3 hours. The audit will only cover Mizan level criteria and will involve a review of:

  • Working practices

  • Health & Safety

  • Existing Policies and Procedures

  • Discussions with staff and record their potential needs if any. Teachers will be asked questions on certain issues around Health and Safety.

  1. Based on the visit, a confidential and detailed report will be produced and handed to the senior management. The report will highlight safeguarding, pedagogical and governing limitations and will offer recommendations for improvements.

  2. We will provide all Mizan draft policies and procedures required to meet this level.

  3. Madrassah senior Management will review the draft policies and procedures and work in a team-effort with teachers and administrators to ensure that all policies are complied with and that all their associated procedures are functioning correctly.

  4. A qualified independent auditor will come to assess the work. If the policies have been implemented successfully, then the institution will successfully pass and will be awarded the Quality Standard Level.

  5. All documentation of policies and procedures will be resent to you in Hardcopy format and will be branded with your Madrassah’s logos.
  6. Further suggestions will be made on improvements to achieve Kauser and Firdous Standards

By attaining Quality Standards, Madrassahs can be confident that they are delivering a high quality Islamic educational experience to their pupils. The Quality Standards are equally beneficial for established and newly formed start-up Madrassahs or supplementary schools. Among the numerous benefits are that your institution will

  • Be striving towards excellence, an honourable principle in our faith

  • Have the necessary procedures and right measures for ensuring the safety of your pupils

  • Have increased trust and confidence from parents

  • Gain better reputation in your community and hence possibly more referrals to your Madrassah

  • Have the necessary safeguarding and health and safety requirements essential for any form of partnership or collaborative projects with your local authority or schools.

  • Attract potential sponsors and stakeholders

  • Protect your institution in the current tension-filled environment, amidst a potentially heightening government scrutiny of the Madrassah sector by meeting all legal requirement

  • Benefit from increased quality assurance due to having correct and professional policies and procedures in place at your institution

  • Focus on strategic management, everyday responsibilities and future planning and creativity while we set the foundations of quality assurance right for you

  • Focus on improving teaching content and helping students meet their learning goals

  • Increased staff & employees’ satisfaction

  • Receive documents, letters and forms branded with your logo

  • Eliminate causes of potential disputes and conflicts resulting from lack of appropriate procedures and implementation of essential policies.

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Why We Are Madrassah Experts

  • 15 years experience in the field
  • Full time Madrassah Department
  • Developed unique Madrassah Standards
  • Creation of the National Association of Madrassah
  • Development of the bespoke Madrassah Framework
  • Certification provided

What People Say

My madrassah is currently in the process of achieving these beacon standards and the process thus far has been smooth and easy
Zaf Khan, Mosque
The team at are very helpful and provided us with a full audit of our madrassah set up with key areas to improve
Tariq Jamil, Mosque
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