Safeguarding Policies

All Madrassahs should have the appropriate policies to ensure suitable safeguarding and child protection procedures are in place. These crucial policies demonstrate awareness, acknowledgement and commitment to safeguarding and protection of all children in line with statutory guidelines and Local Safeguarding Partnership processes.

Our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy has been developed specifically to cover the context in which Madrassahs operate, in accordance with the Children Act and in line with ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’. In addition to this fundamental policy, we have also created policies for Anti-Bullying and Dropping Off/Picking Up Children from Madrassahs. These additional policies provide wider coverage for Madrassahs’ safeguarding arrangements and form our Safeguarding policy pack which is designed to help meet Department for Education standards.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Get your bespoke Safeguarding Policy

In line with current standards for Out of School Settings

£75 + VAT

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Pack

Includes three policies

Safeguarding, Anti-Bullying and Dropping-off/Picking-up of Children

£125 + VAT

Madrassahs can purchase a Safeguarding & Child Protection policy pack that is tailored specifically for their setting – including branding and terminology – and contains details of their Local Safeguarding Children Partnership. Once the purchase is made, Madrassahs will receive a draft version of the policies within seven days with the opportunity to make changes to the wording or incorporate additional elements to further customise the documents. Once finalised, a hard-copy version of the policies will be posted.

There is also the option to purchase the Child Protection & Safeguarding policy as a standalone item.

Purchase a Bespoke Policy

The Department for Education has outlined standards for Code of Practice for out-of-school settings.

Learn more about how DfE Standards affect Madrassahs and educational centres:

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