Madrassah Management

This training helps develop the teaching and learning of young people in Madrassahs and supplementary schools by equipping staff with the knowledge to support and nurture their students’ learning experience. There is a very clear focus on protecting children and young people from harm through a robust approach to child protection by incorporating the latest safeguarding principles, management, operational and procedural frameworks to support Mosque, Madrassah and school staff to effectively run the educational centre.

Updated in 2019, this training aims to help you effectively and professionally manage and run a Madrassah or Islamic Supplementary School for children and young learners.


This highly valuable training is designed simply to help implement best practice within institutions, regardless of faith denomination.

Focus on education and management

A comprehensive series of tools, templates, training, policies, procedures and frameworks developed to support management.

Course materials

Attendees will receive course materials as part of the training to aid their learning and help implement actions.

Face-to-face training

We believe people gain more from personal interaction during training, which is why all of our courses are delivered at your premises to enable your whole staff to participate.

One-day course

This is a 4 to 5-hour training course. Our trainers are always on hand for further advice and guidance after the session.

Professional development for staff

This training is designed to ensure staff and leaders are following best practice for Madrassahs.

Professional trainers

The training is delivered by one of our vastly experienced Madrassah consultants.

Over 15 years' experience

Our Madrassah Management trainers are fully trained in delivering the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework which encompasses the management and teaching aspects of running a faith-based institution.

Course Details

This training is highly beneficial for Madrassah managers, leaders, teachers and administrators as it focuses on the key leadership responsibilities with an emphasis on the DfE Code of Practice for Out-of-School Settings.

Why choose us?

  • Course and content designed specifically for Madrassahs
  • Based on the Madrassah Quality Standards framework
  • Over 15 years’ experience in the field
  • We deliver the course at your venue
  • Certification provided


Brilliant training course that has improved my confidence as a Madrassah teacher
Suleiman Islam
Excellent training delivered by a friendly and knowledgeable instructor
Safia Bismillah
Very good training for Madrassah teachers who want to improve and develop their skills
Farah Hussein

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