Having awareness of what a curriculum is, its purpose and the content of the curriculum at the Madrassah where you teach will help keep you focused on meeting the goals and vision set out within and will help you prioritise lesson content and activities.


It is the foundation for teaching and in it are the reasons for teaching. It should be based on knowledge of the target group; their strengths, weaknesses and needs. Subsequently, a particular need, gap or weakness is selected and a transformation vision is set, which is what the learners will gain or become at the end of the programme. This vision is translated into learning outcomes, and the learning outcomes are broken into subjects. The best way, strategy or approach to teach this topic and the best way of measuring progress is established with reasons and explanations.


Once the above are established and agreed upon, then comes the easier task of listing the topics that are to be covered under each subject ensuring that they will lead towards accomplishing the above-mentioned vision. Under this endeavour, the time-frame, time of year and assessments are also determined.