Begin your lesson with a mind capturing task that introduces your children to the theme of your lesson without you explicitly saying what the theme is.

As soon as your pupils enter your classroom doors or straight after they take their seats, dish out the ‘Starter’ task. Do this even before you run through the lesson’s learning objectives.

This will:
• Prepare them to receive the knowledge that will be provided to them.
• Increase their interest in the lesson’s topic.
• Minimise misbehaviour because it will capture their minds instantly and leave no chance for off-track chit-chat, trouble-making or boredom.

Say the learning objectives of the day are to learn lessons from the Life story of the Sahabi Omar bin Al-Khattab, you could start the lesson by providing clues on the board for the question below and getting them to guess the answer:

‘Who AM I?’
– I accepted Islam in the year 644
– I was a Caliph of the Muslim empire
– Islam reached Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt during my reign
– I died after being stabbed in Salah

Immediately after, ask them what they think the learning objectives of today’s lesson will be and share those on the board.
For over 100 ideas on ‘Starters’, check out this wonderful resource: //