Teaching in the Madrassah can sometimes be described as a cycle of planning, teaching and evaluation.

  • Planning how and what will be taught, is what happens before teaching
  • Teaching is imparting knowledge and the learning of that knowledge by the pupils in the Madrassah classroom
  • Evaluation is the assessment of the teaching and learning that has taken place.



This includes:

  • Learning aims of the lesson (what you want them to learn)
  • Concepts
  • Teaching strategies
  • Resources.


The execution of the plan made earlier (the lesson.)
A key point is the lesson may deviate from the plan depending on the needs of the learners.


The teacher asks themselves some questions, including:

  • Did the learners achieve what the teacher planned?
  • Did the learners learn what the teacher intended?
  • Which teaching strategies were most effective?
  • Which teaching strategies were least effective?


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Key Points:

  • Lesson plans should be created for each lesson.
  • Lesson planning starts with the child.
  • When teaching Qur’an ask pupils which Surahs they want to learn. Give them the opportunity to ask questions in all lessons.