• 99 names of Allah

    99 Names of Allah Bright multi-coloured flash cards. 26-page pdf 99 Names memorization progress chart 99 Names meanings progress chart Happy Land for Islamic Teaching - //
  • What is the adhaan? What will be the status of those who give the adhaan on the Day of judgement? What are the extra words said at Fajr adhaan? What is the dua recited after the adhaan?
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  • Dua memorization flash cards in English and Arabic and dua workbook 1. Prayer for guidance (3.8) 2. Protection from the whispers of satans (23.97-98) 3. Acceptance of good deeds (2.127) 4. To establish the prayer (14.40-41) 5. Prayer for one who is sick (21.83) 6. Prayer for family (25.74) 7. Prayer for Patience (7.126) 8. Confidence in speech (20. 25-28) Coloured Dua reference flashcards. Private supplications recited upon completing prayers.
  • Differences between Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
  • PowerPoint for teaching Word for word salah flash cards – takbir Thana Tawuz Fatiha Tasmia Tahmeed Sajdah
  • Prayer word for word presentation Prayer – True or False activity
  • Tayamum Activity – instances when tayamum is permitted.
  • Essentials of wudu activity Nullifiers of wudu activity
  • A clear and complete alphabet practice workbook for primary level Child practices the alphabets individually, then, at the beginning, middle and end of the word and gets to colour in a picture that goes with the alphabet being practised and its name. Producer is unknown.  
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