Madrassah pupils with SEND will often need additional help. This could be a volunteer assistant helping them with their work, or extra help given to them by Madrassah teachers.

This page outlines some useful tips and strategies for Madrassah teachers to use in the classroom to help pupils with SEND. Tips to help pupils with specific SEND are provided in the section ‘Types of SEND.’


  • Use simple commands before tasks. Break steps down, e.g. “get into groups of 3. Answer the question with your group.”
  • Be patient with these (and all) pupils, and encourage them.
  • Demonstrate chores or tasks rather than relying on verbal explanations alone.
  • Use concrete materials, and charts to aid instruction, where possible.
  • Set pupils realistic, achievable goals suited to their ability, e.g. memorisation of Qur’an in one year is not for everyone but if the pupil wants to, then aim to support them over a longer period of time.
  • Use a multi-sensory approach (see, hear, touch, smell) to introduce or practice a concept rather than limiting instruction to whatever appears to be the child’s learning style—Visual, Auditory, or Kineasthetic, e.g. reading, writing and recognising Arabic letters increases the chances of the pupil remembering.
  • Be approachable, in case the pupil has questions or needs help, but try not to offer help too readily.
  • In general, short, frequent, intense bursts of learning are better than longer learning sessions.