Having Madrassah policies and procedures written and documented in one place will improve the way the Madrassah functions, because it will enable all teachers -new or old- to access them and understand the standards that are expected of them. It will also prevent potential problems and conflicts arising.

Given the importance of teaching to children and young people, parents, employers and to wider society, it is vital that teachers adhere to high standards of professional conduct.

The Teachers Behaviour and Code of Conduct Policy is one of the important policies and procedures that can help organise teachers, bring out the best in them and prevent conflicts from arising. It sets out in one place clear statements about teacher professionalism and expectations which apply to all teachers in Madrassah, regardless of their level of experience, subject or age of children they teach.

The policy outlines the expected standards of teacher practice and professionalism. It is intended as a point of reference to help teachers understand what is expected of them and to guide everyday judgements and actions.

The Teachers’ Code of Conduct should also define the parameters of an acceptable teacher-pupil relationship. It must outline safeguarding and child protection responsibilities on the part of the teacher, such as how to notice signs of abuse, who to report them to, how and when. Additionally, reference should be made to the necessity of participating in safeguarding training, both mandatory and complementary programmes arranged by the Madrassah.

When developing this policy, it is important to have a process in place that ensures its optimal effectiveness and application. The process should include the following stages:

  1. Consult- management, teachers and volunteers and outline the most important expectations of teachers’ conduct.
  2. Approve- all staff, volunteers and new members should be made aware of the policy and should sign that they have read and understood the policy and agree to act upon it
  3. Review- Review the policy regularly and record dates and changes.

You can obtain a copy of the Teachers Behaviour and Code of Conduct Policy and a policy review document through  Mizan accreditation. To learn more about this topic and similar topics enrol on Madrassah management training programme.