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Checks You Should Make When Hiring a Home Tutor

If you decide to hire a tutor to teach your child Quran, Arabic or Islamic Studies at home, you must ensure that you do all that is possible to determine the safety and suitability of the tutor for working with your child. No doubt, when dealing with teachers of the Quran and Islamic sciences, we [...]

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Pre-Madrassah Preparation Resource

Have you ever wondered: ‘What can be done to prepare a young child or even a baby for an effective start at learning Quran or Arabic?’ ‘Could there be a way that requires no effort whatsoever on their part, but yet is effective and affordable?’ If you had those questions, then you might just be [...]

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Subject knowledge is prime factor in good teaching, experts say

As much as teaching strategies and tips are often emphasised, subject knowledge carries the same weight in importance, if not more. After settling into a teaching post at a Madrassah, we must continue striving to gain more knowledge in the subject and around the subject we are teaching. Good teachers realise that they are also [...]

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Using Technology in the Madrassah Classroom

  Technology in the Madrassah can be used to: To keep students interested To make the learning and teaching more effective Extend learning to outside the Madrassah Pictures, audio and video recordings, online encyclopaedias and dictionaries, apps and VLE systems can all be incorporated in to Madrassah teaching. Technology should never be used without a purpose. [...]

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Learning Styles

People gather, process and interpret information in different ways. Students have different preferences in how they learn best. These preferences are sometimes called learning styles and are used to describe and detail the different ways students learn. Some students learn well with visual forms of information such as written texts, pictures and diagrams, some may [...]

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