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Online DBS Update Service

The DBS Update Service allows employees to register their DBS certificate online and use it to apply for similar roles within the same workforce so that employers could see their latest status without the need to apply or pay for a new certificate. The beneficiaries in this case are both the Madrassah teacher and manager. [...]

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Eight ways to make a good first impression to your Pupils

What impression would you, as a Madrassah teacher like your children to have about you? that you are competent? kind? assertive? Chances are they will make a judgement about your personality and competency right from the very first lesson and even from the first 5-10 minutes. Those impressions will affect their behaviour and their performance [...]

Eight ways to make a good first impression to your Pupils2021-03-20T20:21:27+00:00

Photography and Sharing Images of Madrassah Children

Some moments in Madrassah are to be treasured; such as when children recite a short Surah from memory with Tajweed, perform a short role-play in Arabic or design a poster illustrating Islamic principles. Surely, children deserve recognition and parents love to feel involved and engaged with their children's learning. Madrassahs also would like to show [...]

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World Teachers Day

Today marks the United Nations World Teachers Day; with this year’s theme focusing on the freedom to teach and the empowerment of educators. Through echoing the 2015 themes, adhering to the adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), today the empowerment of teachers is now understood as a matter of great importance. The significance [...]

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Hanan Al-Hroub at BETT 2017

The first thing that softens your heart upon seeing Hanan Al-Hroub for the first time is the air of confidence and kindness that emanates from her posture and her expressions. The second thing is hearing her speak about a cause for which she strove and is still striving - bringing smiles to the innocent faces [...]

Hanan Al-Hroub at BETT 20172021-11-24T22:15:00+00:00 at BETT 2017

Every year, the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) Show brings together the latest innovations in technology and showcases their use for classrooms and schools. It also offers a platform for education stakeholders to discuss, share and debate ideas and policies in education. This year had the pleasure of attending the show. The aim [...] at BETT 20172021-03-20T20:21:30+00:00

Texting parents can improve pupils’ grades, research finds

Madrassah teachers would probably agree that children whose parents are involved and up to date with their child’s progress are more likely to advance in their learning. Some parents are more involved than others and some would like to be more involved than they are but unfortunately have time constraints. The idea in this article [...]

Texting parents can improve pupils’ grades, research finds2021-03-20T20:21:31+00:00

How to help students to manage their emotions

How does an emotion look like? And how does it affect your child, positively or negatively? Is your child aware of their emotions and how to use them intelligently? Islam has taught us generously how to perceive emotions such as love, hate, fear, trust, happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, compassion and anticipation and how to channel [...]

How to help students to manage their emotions2021-03-20T20:21:32+00:00

How to plan for that really chatty class

If you have chatty class in your Madrassah, read this article for advice on how to regain authority and control through efficient lesson planning. Remember structured discussion and talk are very beneficial for learning, but not endless and random chatter.   One teacher gives his tips for how you can plan ahead to avoid low-level [...]

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The importance of sleep for memory and learning

Sleep is one of Allah’s great favours and signs. Of its numerous wonders is that it strengthens retention of information and learning. It is best to obtain the required amount of sleep as early as possible during the night. Indeed, it was the practice of the Prophet peace be upon him to sleep after Isha. [...]

The importance of sleep for memory and learning2021-03-20T20:21:32+00:00
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