Level 1 Safeguarding training for Madrassah teachers


Madrassahs who apply for Quality Standards attainment will be given professional and tailored support to meet their needs throughout the process. This support includes:

  • The option of an arranged confidential Madrassah visit, class observations and discussions with senior management followed by expert recommendations and a confidential report
  • Advice and guidance on overcoming any milestones and challenges in relation to understanding or implementing the procedures and frameworks -included in your level- via email or telephone communication Mon-Fri 9:30- 6pm
  • Editing your documents based on your requests and delivering them to you
  • Showcasing your Madrassah or Supplementary School’s experience on our website and relevant national and international platforms.
  • Automatically registering you as an official member of NAM – The National Association of Madrassahs (NAM)-, a non-denominational, non-governmental platform through which all Madrassahs and Islamic supplementary schools can gather to learn, reflect and share how they can improve the educational, governance and administrative qualities of these institutions.