Safe Recruitment procedures do not end after a successful interview and job offer. The management should ensure that new employees and volunteers have the knowledge needed to safeguarding and promote the welfare of children in their day-to-day practices, as well as the tools and awareness required to protect children who may be victims of abuse.

It is not possible to fit in all required safeguarding knowledge and awareness in one day, so aim to make enough time to include the following aspects:

1. Level 1 Child Protection and Safeguarding Training

This training programme is legally required as soon as possible after starting a new role with children and should be taken again every three years.

Our professionally designed Level 1 Child Protection and Safeguarding Training is accredited by several Local Authorities and is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) approved programme, tailored specifically around the needs and contexts of Madrassahs and Mosques. The safeguarding specialist delivering the training has trained hundreds of Madrassahs and Mosques across the UK over the past 15 years. For further enquiries and to book this training for your Madarassah click here.

2. Read, Understand & Sign

As part of the induction process, provide the following Polices in print or electronic format to new staff and give them sufficient time to read and understand the policies. Some teachers may require more time than others and some may need to translate sections of the documents to their first languages- which should be totally encouraged and supported.

After teachers have read and understood the policies, they are legally required to sign that they have ‘read and understood them’ and the date of the signature.

If the policies are reviewed and edited later, all teachers and volunteers should read, understand and sign again.

All the above essential policies and their accompanying procedures (as well as 13 other policies and their procedures) can be readily obtained and branded with your Madrassah’s logo by signing up to Mizan Accreditation.  The material will also include the letters requesting new staff signatures and easy to follow policy review sheets. By receiving Mizan Accreditation you can demonstrate that your Madrassah is compliant with all legal requirements and is a safe environment for children to learn in. To begin the Accreditation process contact us here.

3. E-Safety Training

Teachers’ and volunteers’ awareness of online risks and safety measures is becoming more pressing as technology gadgets and young people are becoming inseparable- even in Madrassahs contexts. Hence the need for this type of training, which is delivered by an expert in the field. For further enquiries and to book this training for your Madarassah click here.

To learn more about your safeguarding responsibilities as a Madrassah Manager tell us that you are interested in this Madrassah Management Training by contacting us here.