A person who is about to faint experiences some of these symptoms including; nausea (feeling sick), blurry vision or spots in front of his/her eyes, ringing in ears, confusion, fast, deep breathing and lightheadedness. It is caused by extreme emotional stress, sudden pain, suddenly sitting or standing, dehydration and even laughing, sneezing or coughing.

If a pupil complains to you that they feel like they are about to faint, you should take this seriously and ask them to lie down in a position where their head is low and their legs are high, which encourages blood circulation and flow to the brain. If lying down is not possible ask the pupil to sit down with their head between their knees.

If they faint and do not regain consciousness within or two minutes, put them in a recovery position and dial 999 or the ambulance helpline in your country. The video below illustrates how to put someone in a recovery position:

If the student does regain consciousness within a minute, ask their parent or guardian to take them home.

The above steps should be performed by the First Aider  at your Madrassah, Mosque or Supplementary School in accords to the First-Aid Policy.

After the incident, the First Aider should record the incident by completing an Accident Report Form.

The Madrassah administration staff should be proactive in collecting and recording students’ medical history and any health risks or trauma that a pupil suffered in order to anticipate the possibility of a physical or emotional breakdown and be prepare for it.

To obtain a First-Aid Policy, First-Aid notice an Accident Report Form or Student Medical Profile enrol on Mizan Accreditation and raise your Madrassah’s quality standards by ensuring that it complies with all legal requirements as an educational body for children and young people.