Before your Madrassah can begin providing practical support for its Madrassah pupils with special educational needs (SEN), a good SEN department should be established.

It is up to the Madrassah management committee to decide how it should be arranged but a good model has been provided in the diagram.

Staff Role
Madrassah Head teacher Responsible for day to day running of the school. Works with all staff. Oversees special educational needs in the school.
Madrassah Heads of Department In charge of a department. There should be at least one for each department
Madrassah Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) Implement and monitor the SEND policy. Works with all Madrassah staff to arrange extra provision for Madrassah pupils with SEN
Madrassah Teachers Madrassah Teachers who strive to teach to meet the needs of all pupils in the class (Differentiation).
Madrassah Teaching Assistant (TA) or Helpers Work with Madrassah pupils who are struggling and provide support.