If you are considering to recruit an EU or foreign national as an employee or volunteer to work with children, you should carry out special checks to ensure that they are safe to work with children.

Although we start with a presumption of trust and confidence in those who are qualified to teach Quran, Islamic Studies or Arabic to children, we must nevertheless take all legal and necessary precautions to ensure that they are safe to work with children and that they have not committed a known incident abroad that proves otherwise. Not doing so will put the employer and Madrassah at risk of prosecution if subjected to scrutiny.

A DBS check can only be issued to UK nationals, hence what is required is a Certificate of Good Conduct or a Criminal Record Check from the prospective employee or volunteer’s country.

To obtain this certificate the candidate should contact their embassy. A directory is available here on the government website. 

The employer may also request this certificate of a UK national who has consistently lived abroad for a substantial period of time.

If the employer wishes to hire a foreign national on paid contract, they should also check that they have right to work in the UK. To do this the employer must:

  1. See the applicant’s original documents (full list of acceptable documents indicating right to work in the UK)
  2. Check that the documents are valid
  3. Make and keep copies of the documents and record the date you made the check.

According to the government website the employer could could face a civil penalty if they employ an illegal worker and haven’t carried out a correct right to work check.

To ensure that you are applying this safe recruitment procedure and other policies and procedures that safeguard children at your Madrassah, why not apply for Mizan Accreditation and get the support you need?