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Safeguarding Articles

How to Safely Recruit Overseas Staff?

If you are considering to recruit an EU or foreign national as an employee or volunteer to work with children, you should carry out special checks to ensure that they are safe to work with [...]

How to Show Commitment to Safeguarding Children on All Recruitment Material

 Madrassahs must create a culture of safe recruitment and adopt recruitment procedures that help deter, reject or identify people who might harm children. As part of doing that, all recruitment material should indicate commitment to [...]

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All the Documents You Need at Your Madrassah’s Registration Day

Having all the right documents in place on registration day will help run the registration process effectively by ensuring that you have all the necessary information to carry out your duties of educating and safeguarding [...]

Leaving Children at Home to Go Hajj?

If you are planning to go Hajj and are considering leaving your children behind, you must ensure that they will be very well looked after by a trustworthy adult relative or family friend, or by [...]

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How should child protection records look like?

All Madrassah staff should know how to report safeguarding or child protection concerns and should know who to report them to. Each Madrassah or hosting Masjid must legally have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on [...]

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How to Speak to Our children about Islam-hating Content Online

Many children spend an average of six hours a day online. Even with lesser exposure to the internet and social media, the chances that our children are stumbling upon and viewing Islam-hating material online are [...]

‘How safe are our children?’ NSPCC Report 2017

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has produced its latest 2017 report addressing the question of 'How safe are our children?' across the United Kingdom. Below are important outlines from the [...]

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Muslim School Children Victims of Anti-Muslim Abuse in Edinburgh Schools

Parents often worry mostly about their children's safety on their way to and from school. What is coming to surface is a realisation that Muslim parents should sadly be just as cautious for their children's [...]

How to Speak to Our Children about Terrorist Attacks

When a terrorist attack strikes and the perpetrators are thought to be Muslims, fingers of suspicion are pointed at the wider Muslim community. Our children are no exception. They are left to fend for themselves in schools [...]

What to do if a student faints in your Madrassah?

A person who is about to faint experiences some of these symptoms including; nausea (feeling sick), blurry vision or spots in front of his/her eyes, ringing in ears, confusion, fast, deep breathing and lightheadedness. It [...]

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