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Safeguarding Articles

Importance of teaching digital citizenship to children

It is important to address the 21st century skill of digital citizenship to children. The reason for this is due to the open nature of the online world giving countless opportunities to connect and share [...]

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10 Children Safeguarding Checks

Being educational institutes that work with children, Madrassahs must comply with regulations and statutory guidance set out in 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' in order to provide safe and protective environments for children to learn [...]

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Online DBS Update Service

The DBS Update Service allows employees to register their DBS certificate online and use it to apply for similar roles within the same workforce so that employers could see their latest status without the need [...]

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Checks You Should Make When Hiring a Home Tutor

If you decide to hire a tutor to teach your child Quran, Arabic or Islamic Studies at home, you must ensure that you do all that is possible to determine the safety and suitability of [...]

Photography and Sharing Images of Madrassah Children

Some moments in Madrassah are to be treasured; such as when children recite a short Surah from memory with Tajweed, perform a short role-play in Arabic or design a poster illustrating Islamic principles. Surely, children [...]

Your Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Madrassahs should have a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in place. This crucial policy demonstrates awareness, acknowledgement and commitment to safeguarding and protection of all children in line with statutory guidelines and Local Safeguarding  Children [...]

Links to your Local Safeguarding Children Boards

Local Safeguarding Children Boards is a multi-agency body set up in every local authority across the United Kingdom. Their responsibility is to make sure that organisations within their locality act effectively to safeguard and promote the [...]

Safety Vetting Checks for All Staff

Madrassah managers must act responsibly when considering the suitability of potential employees, teachers or volunteers. They must ensure that all crucial checks are carried out, that they include all statutory required checks and are revised [...]

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Successful Safeguarding Induction for New Madrassah Teachers

Safe Recruitment procedures do not end after a successful interview and job offer. The management should ensure that new employees and volunteers have the knowledge needed to safeguarding and promote the welfare of children in [...]

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