This Student-Teacher Quran Memorisation planner is designed to help the teacher and student plan and track the students’ progress throughout their Quran memorisation journey. It is based on a method outlined in this article.

The table is has 3 tinted sections:

  • New Lesson- refers to the new section that will be memorised. Student should first recite the section with a teacher, then memorise it and finally repeat it 40 time without reference to Mushaf.
  • Connection- refers to daily recital of the last 20 pages memorised from memory.
  • Revision– refers to the daily revision of 2 Juzz. Divide the total number of Juzz you have memorised by 2, the sum is the number of days in the cycle and each day you should revise 2 Juzz. For example if you have memorised 6 Juzz, divide that by 2, your revision cycle is 3 days.

E.g. On Mon- revise Juzz 1 & 2, Tues- revise Juzz 3 & 4 & Wed- revise Juzz 5 & 6

The teacher can choose how how much effort to put into supporting the student. They can choose to support with checking the accuracy of their memorisation of the new lesson,  ‘connection’ pages and/or  the two daily Juzz.

Based on the student’s performance the teacher will reward a mark out of 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent). This feedback will help the student track improvement and easily identify weak sections in his/her memory.