This Personal Quran Memorisation planner is designed to help individual students to organise their memorisation in a way that follows the method outlined in this article.

The table is has 3 tinted sections:

  • New Lesson- refers to the new section that will be memorised. Student should first recite the section with a teacher, then memorise it and finally repeat it 40 time without reference to Mushaf.
  • Connection- refers to daily recital of the last 20 pages memorised from memory.
  • Revision– refers to the daily revision of 2 Juzz. Divide the total number of Juzz you have memorised by 2, the sum is the number of days in the cycle and each day you should revise 2 Juzz. For example if you have memorised 6 Juzz, divide that by 2, your revision cycle is 3 days.

E.g. On Mon- revise Juzz 1 & 2, Tues- revise Juzz 3 & 4 & Wed- revise Juzz 5 & 6