This document outlines the subordinate knowledge and skills required for mastering the reading of the Quran. These skills and sections of knowledge are divided into levels 1-68. With Level 1 being the stage at which a novice learner is placed and level 68 a learner who is reciting the last few Juzz with a qualified teacher and on their way to independent, fluent and accurate recitation of the Quran. The 68 levels are divided into Beginner (bronze), Intermediate (silver) and Advanced (Gold). The beginner level is the stage at which the learner is mastering the rules and knowledge often taught in Qaidah, Intermediate level contains the most essential rules of Tajweed and Advanced is a staged and thorough recitation of the entire Quran with a qualified teacher bearing in mind all the rules of Qaidah and Tajweed learned.

This document is of great use for Quran teachers, Madrassah managers, parents and learners because it provides an overall picture of the ladder of knowledge and skills that a learner must progress through in order to successfully become an independent reciter of the Quran. Secondly, it provides teachers with a list of learning objectives for each level, which they could easily adapt and copy on to a board or a power point for their class to understand what they will be taught at a particular moment in time. Thirdly, it allows teachers to easily pin-point and describe their students’ levels, set learning targets and assess progress. It is also a useful tool for parents to see how far their child has progressed and to follow their progress closely. Additionally, the colour coding and levels allow teachers to create certificates and give awards based on progress. A more simplified version is a great motivational aid for children who would be able to see their progress visually.

This tool has been created in collaboration with Quran teachers and with reference to a variety of Quran reading textbooks.