Juzz Amma Repetition Charts for Children

Repetition is essential to memorisation. The more the learner repeats and repeats new verses the greater the accuracy and the stronger the reinforcement of this new information will be in the brain.

This resource is created to motivate children to repeat all the verses in Juzz Amma, 40 times each.

The resource can easily be used in your class and will increase engagement and enthusiasm.

Equipment you need:

  1. Copies of this resource for all your students
  2. Whiteboard, smartboard or overhead projector
  3. Thikr counters
  4. A stamp or star stickers
  5. A soft object e.g. rubber, sponge ball or a fancy toy/real microphone

Learning Styles:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

How to use the resource:

  1. Handout a copy of this booklet to each student and ask them to write their names on it
  2. Write on the board the Surah name and the verses your class will learn today and show them where this is in their booklets
  3. Write the verses on the board or show them using an overhead projector or smart board
  4. Read the verses 3 times pointing to each word as you read
  5. Ask students to repeat after you 3 times
  6. Have a soft object with you and throw it at random students in the class and ask them to recite the verses or pass the microphone around
  7. Keep doing this until all students have read the verses
  8. Tell students to work in pairs or groups of threes
  9. For each group, hand out a counter (Thikr counters, which can be bought from any Islamic bookstore)
  10. Ask one student to do the counting using the counter, one student to repeat the new verses without looking at the board or Mushaf and another student to check the accuracy.
  11. The aim is to repeat the verses 40 times
  12. Set the timer to 15 minutes
  13. Go round and listen attentively to any mistakes and correct them.
  14. When 10 minutes are up ask students to stop and rotate and award stickers to the students who repeated 40 times
  15. If there are major mistakes or mistakes repeated by many people, illustrate them (by saying them/writing them) and ask students to tell you what’s wrong and how you can correct them
  16. Start the timer again and repeat until all students have had a turn