Complete Arabic writing practice 45 page workbook:

  • The first two pages give opportunity for students to practice pencil skills followed by Arabic letter/short word writing practice with vowels.
  • Alphabets are divided into seven categories. Each category containing a group of letters that share common writing rules.
  1. أ, د, ذ, ر, ز
  2. ط, ظ, و
  3. ب, ت, ث, ي,
  4. ج, ح, خ
  5. س, ش, ص, ض
  6. ف, ق, ك, ل, م, ن
  7. ع, غ, ه
  • Under each category, student practises writing the letters individually with three types of vowels.
  • Then Student practices writing those letters at the beginning, middle and end of words.
  • Rules are not taught in the book, it will be up to teacher to highlight and present the rules to the students.
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  • Suitable for ages 6+