Arabic Bingo Game

The downloads include:

– Letters in isolation

– Letters with fatha

– Letters with Kasrah

– Letters with Dammah

– Arabic Alphabet call cards

How to play:

  1. Cut out the alphabet call cards and put them in a box or face down
  2. Hand out an identical sheet of alphabets to all students.
  3. Teacher or caller randomly reads names of alphabets from box or cards laid down.
  4. Students cross out the letters they hear and and can see in their chart.
  5. The first student to have all their letters crossed out shouts ‘Bingo’ and reads out all the letters they crossed out to the class.
  6. The game continues until all students have read out the letters in their charts or until teacher decides to stop the game.

Arabic Bingo is Authored and designed by Umm An-Nu’maan on: // The terms and conditions on Umm An-Nu’maan’s website page apply: //