The DBS Update Service allows employees to register their DBS certificate online and use it to apply for similar roles within the same workforce so that employers could see their latest status without the need to apply or pay for a new certificate.

The beneficiaries in this case are both the Madrassah teacher and manager.

For the Madrassah manager, you will:

  • Have the latest and most up to date information with regards to the suitability of a prospective teacher working with children in your institute (The DBS will search for criminal conviction and barring information updates on a weekly basis)
  • Have the latest and most up to date information with regards to the suitability of a current teachers to continue working with children
  • Make quick employment related decisions and waste less waiting time for DBS certificates to be released

As for the teacher, you will:

  • With your consent, allow your employer to go online and carry out a free status check to confirm if the information on your paper DBS certificate is current and up to date.
  • Pay only once for a DBS certificate
  • Have the freedom to apply for similar roles using one DBS certificate.
  • Save time
  • No need to fill in DBS forms again

Ultimately, the outcome of this service are a robust safeguarding procedure for the Madrassah and peace of mind and flexibility for the teacher. Hence, Madrassah managers are highly encouraged to advice their employees to register their DBS certificates and teachers are equally urged to take benefit from this service.

The annual registration fee is £13 for employed staff and it is free for volunteers. The certificate should be registered within 30 days of issue date.

For the employer, all you need to do to check a teacher’s status is to click on this link , enter your basic details and then enter your employee’s name, date of birth and certificate number.

To find out more about what a DBS check is or how to apply for a DBS check for yourself or for your employees, follow the guidelines on this article.