National Association of Madrassah has a simple structure for the purpose of guiding the website with the aim of supporting, developing and implementing the National Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (NMQSF). This will be facilitated by Faith Associates, who have brought together the Advisory Panels and helped to compile and test the NM-QSF. The National Association of Madrassah has a simple structure, consisting of: Members – any organisation/company/charity/ that teaches Qur’an or the Islamic faith and implements the MQSF, is eligible to join the Association.

As members they will also benefit from the following: –

  1. Automatic access to the NM-QSF -Exclusive access to website resources from secured locations
  2. Discounted ticket costs/Free for professional training
  3. Access to professional development programmes offered by Faith Associates
  4. Free access to training conferences

Religious Advisory Panel – of Islamic faith leaders, scholars and educationalists who have demonstrated innovation and served within a teaching environment, comprising of 5-7 people.
Operational Advisory Panel – organisation and business specialists, who have demonstrated innovative, successful and consistent leadership, consisting of 3-5 people.

This will, insha’Allah, pave the way for us to raise the standards of Madrassahs nationwide; providing us the ability to lay the foundations for continued development within this domain. Get involved, become a member of the National Association of Madrassah (NAM) and be part of raising standards in teaching Islam and Qur’an to the next generation.

Why a National Association?

The National Association of Madrassah recognises the need to support young people in reading, understanding and following the teachings of the Qur’an. The Madrassah in Western Europe and North America, in its current form, has mainly come about in the 20th century, as such this Islamic educational sector is still in its infancy. Therefore, it is essential that it develops in the healthiest and the most constructive way to benefit the society it operates in.
The National Association of Madrassah recognises the need for a national support structure that will facilitate the development of leaders, teachers, administrators and the institutions, that serves children in the development of their Islamic faith identity, outside of mainstream educational settings.
The National Association of Madrassahs is non theological in its outlook, with a focus on good governance, safeguarding and effective teaching practices