Mizan Process

An assessment is carried out by a Faith Associates representative who will carry out a check against the Madrassah Quality Standards Framework (MQSF) to identify the base line of good governance and what actions they need to take to improve and attain a particular level. Following this, a report will be produced to determine what actions need to be taken. The following is a step-by-step outline of the process:

  1. Complete the online form, select a day for the audit visit and agree to our terms and conditions
  2. Make the Payment
  3. Date of audit visit confirmation
  4. Audit team (1 or 2 members of expert staff) to visit on an agreed date. The visit will be during Madrassah working hours lasting 1 to 3 hours. The audit will only cover the standards of the relevant level and will involve a review of:
  • Working practices
  • Health & Safety
  • Existing Policies and Procedures
  • Discussions with staff and record their potential needs if any. Teachers will be asked questions on certain issues around Health and Safety.
  1. On completion, we will provide a confidential report to senior management and offer recommendations to establish Mizan level at your Madrassah.
  2. We will provide all Mizan draft policies and procedures required to meet this level.
  3. Madrassah senior Management will review the draft policies and procedures and return it to us by an agreed date
  4. Once all changes are complete, all documentation will be resent in Hardcopy format. All documentation will be branded with your Madrassah’s logos.
  5. Upon agreement from your Madrassah, a qualified independent auditor from Faith Associates will come to assess the work. If the policies have been implemented successfully, then the institution will successful pass and is awarded the Quality Standard Level.
  6. Further suggestions will be made on improvements to achieve Kauser and Firdous Standards

The time it takes to attain a level depends on each Madrassah and how quickly and effectively they can implement each policy. It may take one week or several months depending on the senior management team and the teaching staff and how well the Quality Standards can be adhered to as a culture within the organisation. Additionally, support, training and successful implementation of statutory policies will help your Madrassahs to achieve these three grades.