Dealing with behaviour in the Madrassah is an important topic for all Madrassah teachers. Children are naturally curious and can display challenging behaviour at times. How Madrassah teachers react can make a huge difference on a child’s behaviour.

Managing behaviour is different from discipline. Discipline is concerned with telling off pupils who misbehave.
Behaviour management is concerned with preventing bad behaviour from happening in the first place and encouraging good behaviour. It is about knowing your pupils well and being fair, kind and consistent.


  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Assess pupils’ behaviour and defuse situations before they escalate
  • Make lessons engaging and fun for pupils.
  • Adhere to the Madrassah behaviour management policy.
  • Have set boundaries for acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and let your pupils know the rules.
  • Be consistent and fair in line with the Sunnah. Adopting good adaab will help promote good behaviour.
  • Reward positive behaviour as much as possible when you notice it.
  • Be mindful of factors which may impact upon a pupil’s behaviour e.g. bullying or abuse and where necessary, take appropriate action.
  • Never use force or violence as a form of punishment.
  • Never embarrass or put down pupils in front of others.