Course Content

Updated in 2016, this training aims to help you effectively and professionally manage and run a Madrassah or Islamic Supplementary School for children and young learners.

You will learn about:

  • Defining institutes mission statement and goals, objectives and values

  • Implementing policies to promote student safety and behaviour management

  • Admissions policies and procedures

  • Teacher Management and code of conduct

  • Management code of conduct

  • Communicating with parents

  • Developing positive relations with external parties

  • Managing DBS applications and checks

  • Staff training

  • Assessing Health & Safety

  • Assessing students’ progress

  • Conducting effective meetings

  • Safe employees’ recruitment process and procedure

  • Managing income, expenses and investment

  • Effective committee management and organisation structure

  • Staff defined roles

  • Managing legal Madrassah insurance

  • Ensuring and maintaining confidentiality

  • Sustainability  

  • Effective teaching strategies

  • Record keeping

  • Effective classroom environment

  • Curriculum

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Code of conduct for dealing with a Disclosure