Madrassah Training Ealing

Madrassah Management Training

Madrassah Management and Safeguarding Training was delivered by Faith Associates to over 60 Imams, Scholars, Aalimahs, Madrassah teachers and management personnel

This course has been designed by Faith Associates as part of their Beacon Madrassah series of projects which focusses on improving the standards of Madrassahs and Islamic Supplementary Schools and advising Madrassah teachers to inspire the next generation of Muslims in the UK and ensure their safety. Faith Associates have developed a Madrassah Management guide that aims to support the teaching and learning of young people for Mosque based Madrassahs or Supplementary Schools.

The 2 day course covered a comprehensive range of topics which included:

– Safeguarding Children
– Madrassah Management
– Behaviour Management
– Performance Management
– Planning Lessons
– Islamic Teaching Approach.
– Setting Standards and Accreditation Scheme.
– Madrassah Quality Standards Framework.

The training itself was facilitated by a variety of experts in the field of madrassah teaching, scholarship and strategic planning. The key trainers included:

– Shaukat Warraich – CEO, Faith Associates
– Shaykh Ahmed Babikr – Imam, Islamia Schools Centre
– Shaykh Imtiaz Damiel – Principle and Founder, Abu Hanifa Foundation
– Professor Ilham Salimane – Arabic Language Specialist, SOAS
– Andrew Read – Head of Primary ITE, UEL

The training was also facilitated by members of the Andalusia Foundation and the University of East London (UEL).

If you are interested in Faith Associates services and would like to invite us to give training in your location, or are looking for advice and guidance, please contact us on or call us on +44 (0) 1494 416202.