Madrassah managers must act responsibly when considering the suitability of potential employees, teachers or volunteers. They must ensure that all crucial checks are carried out, that they include all statutory required checks and are revised and re-checked regularly. This important safeguarding procedure will ensure that the wrong people do not slip through the net and end up in close reach of children.

According to ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (2016) government legislation, all staff records and checks must be recorded on a single system that is regularly checked and updated, often known as ‘The Single Central Record’ (SCR).

On this record, all the following people should be listed, their checks carried out, recorded and checked regularly:

  • Teachers
  • Teacher Assistants
  • Supply Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Volunteers
  • Headteachers
  • Trustees/managers
  • Premises staff (e.g. Imam, caretaker)
  • Cleaners

The following checks for the above people must be made:

The SCR system must show who carried out the checks, the date and what evidence has been seen. It should be regularly viewed by a person in charge and by another person who has no direct responsibility to ensure impartiality. This process should take place at least once every term and the date and name of person carrying out the checks should be stated.

A previously rated ‘outstanding’ primary school in Manchester was put ‘on special measures’ by Ofsted for failing to carry out accurate safety checks on all its staff.

A Single Central System template and related documents may be obtained by signing up to Mizan Accreditation. The material provided will also include 20 policies and their procedures, as well as easy to follow policy review sheets. By receiving Mizan Accreditation you can demonstrate that your Madrassah is compliant with all legal requirements and is a safe environment for children to learn in. To begin the Accreditation process contact us here.