To improve is to raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or to make better.

As Madrassah teachers you have a responsibility for imparting Islamic knowledge to your Madrassah pupils, taking them on a journey where they learn each day, implement new learning and improve.

Good Madrassah teachers are continually checking their pupils’ learning and providing feedback on what they have done well and how they can improve.

  • Know where your pupils are in their learning scale by using a tool called ‘Assessment for Learning.’ This will help you match your teaching to your pupils. Use questioning at the start of each topic or lesson to find out.
  • Make the objective of what you want them to learn or understand (learning objective) clear in your own mind and clear to the pupils. (e.g. understand the meaning of Ar-Rahman, understand how we know Allah is Ar-Rahman)
  • Plan engaging activities which help pupils achieve the learning objectives.
  • Check what they have learnt again at the end of the lesson/topic. A game, activity or questions could be used to do this.
  • See ‘Assessment’ for more information and tips on how to help pupils improve academically and spiritually.