It is important to address the 21st century skill of digital citizenship to children. The reason for this is due to the open nature of the online world giving countless opportunities to connect and share ideas. Being a model digital citizen online not only includes having appropriate etiquette, but it also helps to prevent cyber bullying.











To address this issue in an engaging, interactive way, Faith Associates has developed the ‘Muslim Digital Citizen’s Guide’. This guide focuses on addressing Islamic etiquettes that should be implemented in our daily lives. It informs Muslims how Islamic teaches us to behave in all aspects of our life, including the online world. The guide comprises of five core Islamic values that cover the main principles of responsibilities and behaviour:

These five values are reflected in four distinct scenarios highlighting various situations Muslims find themselves in when online, as well as how to correctly behave as a result.


The guide ultimately:

• Provides Muslims with a clear understanding of their responsibilities’ as internet citizens
• Includes detailed scenarios relatable to the day to day engagement of Muslims that will be a helpful reminder of actions
• Guides Muslims on digital citizenship with reference to the Quran and Hadith
• Allows a reflection of actions and behaviours online

The guide i

s available in two formats (infographic and animated series). The animated series is aimed at the younger audience, whilst th

e infographic version is aimed for the older audience.

Extract from the infographic version of the guide:

Extract from the animated version of the guide:


The Muslim Digital Citizen’s Guide is available for free download in two versions below:
Animated Version: //
Infographic Version: //