The Rize State of North East Turkey witnessed a graduation ceremony  in one of its major Mosques (Jami’ Al-Sahil) last August to celebrate the accomplishments of 542 Hufaz who completed memorising the Quran.

The ceremony was attended and supported by many reputable figures, including members of the Religious ministry, mayors of several cities and representatives of the Justice and Development Party.

Of the total number of Hufaz, 400 are male and 124 are female. Fifty of them were randomly selected and awarded with free trips to perform Umrah.

The event was begun with recitation from the Quran and proceeded by a speech by Mufti Ismael Yalshtn of the Rize State who commended the efforts of the graduates and their Sheikhs and Imams and reminded the Hufaz to continually revise the Quran and strive to teach it to others.

In total, the number of Hufaz in Turkey has increased to 21,270 since 1976. The Ministry of Religion in Turkey assigns great importance to Hifz Madrassahs and institutes and has set up many centres across the Turkish republic for this noble purpose.