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Recommended for: Management

This essential training covers the procedures for identifying risks to health and safety at your Madrassah and applies them to the relevant areas across the setting. It explains the basic principles behind risk assessment and the requirements of the law.


This Risk Assessment training will also include the requirements for Madrassahs during the current COVID-19 pandemic, covering the


Course content:

This training will provide the skills and knowledge needed to identify the current health and safety risks within your Madrassah setting and what actions can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risks.


Attendees will also learn how to recognise any potential hazards and undertake future risk assessments as required.


As part of this training, a live Risk Assessment of your Madrassah will be undertaken under the supervision and guidance of the trainer. A report will be produced for the Madrassah management highlighting any action areas that must be addressed in order to comply with standards.


Expected outcomes:

By the end of this session, staff will be able to:

  • Understand how to undertake a risk assessment and create a plan of action for each risk
  • Identify risks that may exist in the Madrassah and how to reduce or eliminate them




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