Having all the right documents in place on registration day will help run the registration process effectively by ensuring that you have all the necessary information to carry out your duties of educating and safeguarding your pupils throughout the year.

It is important that all documents are printed out in good quality in advance and that administrators and staff in charge of registering new pupils are familiar with the documents, their purpose and the entire registration process.

On registration day, you will require documents to put up on display, documents for the administrator’s use and documents to provide to parents/guardians.

On Display

  1. Policy Access Statement Document

Parents and guardians are entitled to have access to the policies that govern the Madrassahs management, teaching, teachers, safeguarding, protection and health and safety.

There is no need to have all the Madrassahs policies out on display on registration day. This document states the availability of certain policies by name and the permission for parents/guardians to have access to them upon request.

Presence of this document is a sign of a Madrassah’s professionalism and compliance with legal standards and is a reassuring factor for parents and guardians.

  1. ‘What Makes Your Madrassah Special’

Having a list of features that make your Madrassah unique will persuade new and returning parents/guardians to register their children and will help them understand why you charge a certain fee or why you have increased the fees.

Most -if not all- parents will be reassured to know that staff have DBS clearance and have had child protection training. Also presence of qualified teachers and regular training for teachers and Madrassah leaders are great signs of a Madrassah’s commitment to improving its standards and providing excellent service to the community.

  1. Table of Fees

Have the fees and any available discounts up on display to avoid confusion and repeated enquiries.

For the Administrator

The person in charge of registering new students will need the following documents:

  1. Student Enrolment Form

This form asks for basic information about the pupil and parents/guardians. It can be obtained from Mizan Standards.

  1. Student Medical profile form

This form is to be filled out by parents who are registering a child with health problems or any learning difficulties such as dyslexia. By having this on record, staff will be able to prepare appropriate support for the child and will help safeguard vulnerable children from unnecessarily falling behind in their lessons.

  1. Fees Record Document

All transactions should be recorded in one document that includes the full name of the pupil being registered, full name of parent/guardian who paid, the amount, date and receipt number. It is possible to use an electronic format of this form.

  1. Receipt Book

Parents/Guardians should be given a receipt as a proof of the amount they paid and a copy should be kept in Madrassah records. The receipt number should be logged in the ‘Fees Record Document’.

  1. Madrassah Admission Register

This document is used to keep a record of important details of Madrassah students, such as names, medical issues, class, teacher name and emergency contact details. It should be filled upon admission to the Madrassah. All information should be kept up to date. It is possible to use an electronic format of this form.

For Parents/Guardians to Keep

Establishing mutual expectations with parents and guardians at the start of the year can save you a lot of trouble dealing with lack of commitment and negligence.

  1. Madrassah Parent/Guardian Agreement

This is a declaration of the main duties of the Madrassah towards educating and safeguarding its pupils. It is also a declaration of Madrassah rules and regulations that parents/guardians’ must abide by, such as payment of fees, ensuring that their child attends Madrassah punctually, is prepared for classes and receives sufficient support at home to complete homework and other home learning activities. This document should be signed by a Madrassah representative and parents/guardians and they should be given a copy to keep for reference.

  1. Dropping of and picking up of your children from the Madrassah

This document states that parents/guardians will drop and collect their child from the Madrassah in a timely and safe manner as appropriate to the Madrassah’s site. It should be signed by parent/guardian.

  1. Behaviour Charter

This document lists the expected behaviour, classroom rules, rewards and sanctions. Parents should be asked to take this document and explain its importance to their child before they start.

The documents below are to be read and signed by parents/guardians to confirm their compliance and support of fundamental matters for their child’s learning progress and safety. It is advisable that you give parents/guardians a copy of the document and that you retain their signature section which you can use to resolve any.

All the above documents are available in Mizan Quality standards and will be given to you and tailored for your Madrassah upon subscription. By subscribing, you will also be given the support to help you establish successful procedures that work for your Madrassah and through which you can put those necessary documents to best use.