73 Falcon Rd, London SW11 2PF, UK
73 Falcon Road London England SW11 2PF GB
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London Borough of Wandsworth
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The Battersea Mosque is an education service which is diverse and consist of individuals from some of the following backgrounds: Afro- Caribbean, Algerians, Bangladeshi, Egyptian, English, Eritrean, Indian, Irish, Moroccan, Pakistani, Scottish, Somali, Turkish and Welsh. The Islamic Culture & Education Centre, are passionate about developing the skills of our local community and the young people that they serve. They believe that everyone should have a voice in everything that affects him or her. By attending the Madrassah, children are taught how to read the Quran at an early age so that they develop love for it as they get older. Advice and help to members of the communities with their Social and welfare issues is avaiable for those who need it.

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