In many Madrassahs, it is common for the Madrassah teacher to stand or sit at the front and teach the whole Madrassah class the same material, in the same manner. All Madrassah pupils are expected to do the same tasks, some pass whilst others inevitably fail. The focus is often on teaching, not on learning.

In the Madrassah classroom, there are a variety of pupils with different abilities and ideas. Each one is an individual. Madrassah teachers should recognise this and adapt their teaching (differentiate) to meet the needs of the pupils in their class.

The National Curriculum Council (NCC) defines differentiation as:

“The process by which curriculum objectives, teaching methods, assessment methods, resources and learning activities are planned to cater for the needs of individual pupils.”


  • Knowing your pupils well will assist greatly in differentiating your lessons.
  • When planning lessons for the Madrassah, reflect on how you think each pupil will find the material. Consider what you expect them to learn.
  • Respond to the needs of your pupils. If they need a challenge, give them more challenging work. If they are struggling with something, go over it again and give more help.