What is a SEND policy?

A SEND policy is a document used to ensure that the needs of all pupils with special educational needs and/or disability will be addressed. It also highlights strategies which the Madrassah will take to provide opportunities to Madrassah pupils with SEND.
A template can be downloaded from the resources section on the right and adapted to suit your Madrassah.

Who should write the SEND policy?

The SEND policy should be written by the Madrassah SENCO and the management team of the Madrassah. If a Madrassah SENCO has not yet been employed it should be written by the Head Teacher and Heads of Department in the Madrassah

What should the SEND policy include?

  • aims, and a link to SEND Code of Practice 2014
  • the SENCO’s name
  • support available for pupils with SEND, including physical access
  • arrangements for reviewing, monitoring, and evaluating the SEND policy
  • arrangements for working with parents/carers
  • arrangements for including the pupil’s views
  • procedures for resolving complaints about SEND provision
  • arrangements to link with other agencies e.g. SEND support services, health, social services, other education settings, schools.