Course Content

  • 1st Session: Children, Young adults, Identity & Family

An exploration of identity and family for children and young people in the context of being British, Muslim and following Islam.

  • 2nd Session: Creating a positive classroom context

The process of setting boundaries and managing adherence to the boundaries by children and young people.

  • 3rd Session: Setting expectations

Developing the notion of responsibilities and rights within the learning environment.

  • 4th Session: Teaching Resources & Initiatives

A brief introduction to the range of materials available free online to support designing and planning engaging learning for children and young people.

  • 5th Session: Teaching positive behaviour and responding to inappropriate behaviour

The key role of the teacher in modelling appropriate behaviours and responding to poor behaviour.

  • 6th Session: National Safeguarding Agenda

The rights and responsibilities of both children and young people and those that look after them.

  • 7th Session: Learning behaviours and lesson structures

Exploring the different styles of learning that engage children and young people.

  • 8th Session: Building Positive Relationships

The importance of learning experiences that build on what children and young people do well.

  • 9th Session: Class Agreement & Behaviour Plan

Action planning for practice back in the madrassah.

  • 10th Session: New Madrassah System

Defining the ‘ideal’ Madrassah – Setting the framework of an effective Madrassah System. see Annex 1 for a summary of the ideas presented.