It is important to check students have understood before moving introducing new concepts. Concept Check Questions are questions the teacher asks to check the students have understood the lesson. The teacher should be careful to use words and language at the level of the learner. Questions such as, ‘do you understand?’ should be avoided.

CCQs can be used for clarification or as a correction technique.

When can I use CCQs?

  • After you have presented a new part of the lesson.
  • Before the students start the task.
  • At the start of the lesson to determine how much the students remember from the previous lesson.
  • To gently correct errors. For example, ‘is it alhamdu or alkhamdu?’


After teaching the Arabic alphabet:

  • The teacher points to a seen and asks, ‘is this a seen or a saad?’
  • The teacher points to a fa and asks, ‘is the next letter a qaaf or a meem?’
  • The teacher points to a ba when it appears in the middle of a word and asks, is this a ba or a nun?’

After teaching a lesson about Abraha and the Year of the Elephant:

  • Was Abraha happy with the Arabs visiting Makkah?
  • Did he come from present day Ethiopia?
  • Did he come to Makkah after the Prophet was born?
  • Did his army stay in Makkah?
  • Did the people of Makkah stay in the city?

After teaching a tajweed lesson about the four levels of ghunnah:

  • Are there 3 levels of ghunna?
  • Is lalakum takilun an example of ghunna?
  • Is mai yakulu an example of shortest of all the ghunna types?

After teaching a lesson on the correct performance of wudu:

  • Do you wash your face before your arms?
  • Do you wash your arms last?
  • Do you start by wiping the head?