Good classroom routines promote good behaviour. Teaching good procedures to your Madrassah pupils, and being consistent in implementing them, will improve behaviour Insha’Allah. Have routines for:

  • entering the classroom
  • where pupils sit
  • checking which pupils are present in class
  • lateness to class
  • giving out equipment and books
  • how pupils can move around the classroom
  • handing in work
  • permission to leave the room for valid reasons
  • tidying up at the end of the lesson
  • leaving the room at the end of the lesson
  • what to do in case of emergencies

Adapted from:


  • Assign a different pupil each lesson to hand out equipment.
  • If a pupil is late and you are teaching, do not stop your lesson, say assalaamu alaikum and continue, then later speak to the pupil, individually, to find out why he or she was late.
  • Give very clear instructions to pupils and how long they have to do the work. Give time warnings (i.e. you’ve got 5 minutes left until I expect to see the questions answered.)