All Madrassah staff should know how to report safeguarding or child protection concerns and should know who to report them to.

Each Madrassah or hosting Masjid must legally have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on their team. The DSL is a member of staff who has received advanced training in addition to Level 1 Child Protection and Safeguarding training– which is a compulsory training that all staff must undertake.

Any child protection concerns should be put in writing and reported to the DSL as soon as possible.

The presence of the DSL and easy access to them is of immense importance because they will know exactly what to do with a reported safeguarding or child protection concern and are responsible for storing information securely and systematically.

Reported concerns should be kept away from other records and stored in one locker or a secure software-based system and made accessible only to relevant staff.

The records should contain details of the person that reported the concern, whom it was reported to, when it was reported and what action was taken.

Every child Protection case should have the following documentation:

  1. Front sheet- containing main details, names and key contacts
  2. Child Protection Record of Concern Form- to be completed by the Madrassah teacher or member of staff if concerned about a child’s safety or well-being.
  3. Child Protection Incident Form- to be completed by the Madrassah teacher or member of staff upon witnessing specific incidents indicating that the child is being subjected to abuse.
  4. Child Protection Referral Form- to be completed by the Designated Safeguarding Lead in Madrassah for referral to Social Care.
  5. Chronology sheet- indicating action that was taken over time to deal with concern for child’s safety or well-being
  6. All meeting minutes and reports.

The above forms and material which are included under the Child Protection policy and procedures Framework (as well as 15 other policies and their procedures) can be readily obtained and branded with your Madrassah’s logo by signing up to Mizan Accreditation.

The material will also include the letters requesting new staff signatures and easy to follow policy review sheets. By receiving Mizan Accreditation you can demonstrate that your Madrassah is compliant with all legal requirements and is a safe environment for children to learn in. To begin the Accreditation process contact us here.