Lesson Planning

How to plan for a class with very mixed abilities

It is not uncommon for Madrassah classes to contain students with mixed abilities, sometimes due to limited space or absence of a teacher. In such circumstances teachers should aim for 80% understanding in the class. The article below goes through some advice on tailoring your teaching to benefit everyone.  One teacher offers tips for making [...]

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Tip 3: Begin with a Mind Catching ‘Starter’

Begin your lesson with a mind capturing task that introduces your children to the theme of your lesson without you explicitly saying what the theme is. As soon as your pupils enter your classroom doors or straight after they take their seats, dish out the ‘Starter’ task. Do this even before you run through the [...]

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How to plan for that really chatty class

If you have chatty class in your Madrassah, read this article for advice on how to regain authority and control through efficient lesson planning. Remember structured discussion and talk are very beneficial for learning, but not endless and random chatter.   One teacher gives his tips for how you can plan ahead to avoid low-level [...]

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Lesson Planning

Each lesson should have a beginning, middle and end. Beginning: A warm up or lead in activity that sets the context for the lesson. Middle: Controlled and free practice activities. End: Warm down activity, summary and wrap up.   What to consider when planning a lesson The students: What do the students enjoy doing? How [...]

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Classroom Routines

Good classroom routines promote good behaviour. Teaching good procedures to your Madrassah pupils, and being consistent in implementing them, will improve behaviour Insha’Allah. Have routines for: entering the classroom where pupils sit checking which pupils are present in class lateness to class giving out equipment and books how pupils can [...]

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Stages of lesson

Starter The starter should: present an active and motivating start to Islamic studies or Arabic link to previous learning, and may include revision of key points from the last lesson. identify any lack of essential underpinning skills and knowledge offer a clear opportunity to share the learning aims and outcomes of [...]

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The Teaching Cycle

Teaching in the Madrassah can sometimes be described as a cycle of planning, teaching and evaluation. Planning how and what will be taught, is what happens before teaching Teaching is imparting knowledge and the learning of that knowledge by the pupils in the Madrassah classroom Evaluation is the assessment of the teaching and learning that [...]

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