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How to Teach with Memory in Mind

When teaching children, the optimal desired objective is for them to be able to retain the information you are giving them in their long term memory until it becomes part of the quick and effortless knowledge base that they are able to retrieve, use and apply competently. This applies to Quranic verses, Dua lines, Hadeeth [...]

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BETT 2017- Technology for Assessment, Results & Progress Management

BETT show brings together the latest technology in Education. Below are a list of technology software, tools and ideas that were exhibited in 2017 aimed at supporting and enhancing recording and tracking of pupils' assessment, results and progress: 1) Asset Tracker Asset Tracker provides assessment solutions for teachers and management. Features include: Achievement tracking (formative assessment) [...]

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Aiding Progress

To improve is to raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or to make better. As Madrassah teachers you have a responsibility for imparting Islamic knowledge to your Madrassah pupils, taking them on a journey where they learn each day, implement new learning and improve. Good Madrassah teachers are continually checking their pupils' learning [...]

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Concept Checking Questions (CCQs)

It is important to check students have understood before moving introducing new concepts. Concept Check Questions are questions the teacher asks to check the students have understood the lesson. The teacher should be careful to use words and language at the level of the learner. Questions such as, ‘do you understand?’ should be avoided. CCQs [...]

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Assessment: to determine or assess the rate or amount of something. In Madrassah teaching, it is about determining the amount of learning in the Madrassah classroom. There are two types of assessment: Formative Assessment Telling the Madrassah pupils how they can move forward. This type of assessment improves pupils' learning and the Madrassah teachers’ [...]

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