How to spot a child with special needs

Special needs in education comes in various forms and severities and may be very subtle and unrecognisable from first encounter. Developing awareness, diagnosis, differentiation and accommodation strategies is crucial for Madrassahs in order for teachers to have fair expectations of their children, ensure that they engage them in learning and that other pupil’s learning is [...]

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Interview with Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd on Special Educational Needs in Madrassahs

On Saturday 20th February 2016, Faith Associates met with Suzanne Kidd, author of Quran4Kids, at a multi-sensory madrassah she supports in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire to discuss special education needs in the madrassah. Interview with Suzanne Elizabeth Kidd Faith Associates: What’s the importance of SEN provision in the madrassah? Suzanne: I think there’s a massive importance. [...]

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SEND Support for Madrassah Teachers

SEND SUPPORT Madrasah teachers will come across students with SEND, its important for teachers to know how to engage with students who need SEND support. Each day the teacher will witness huge varieties in development, ability, skills, socialisation, communication and behaviour of children, typical for their age. With experience, Insha’Allah you should have a good [...]

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Types of SEND for Madrassah Teachers to understand

Different Types of SEND There are different types of SEND that Madrassah teachers need to look out for. Madrassah pupils, who may have special educational needs and disability (SEND), may have some of the following characteristics. This page offers some teaching tips for Madrassah teachers on the different types of SEND. The following can be some of [...]

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Creating SEND Policies

What is a SEND policy? A SEND policy is a document used to ensure that the needs of all pupils with special educational needs and/or disability will be addressed. It also highlights strategies which the Madrassah will take to provide opportunities to Madrassah pupils with SEND. A template can be downloaded from the resources [...]

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Setting up a SEN Department in the Madrassah

Before your Madrassah can begin providing practical support for its Madrassah pupils with special educational needs (SEN), a good SEN department should be established. It is up to the Madrassah management committee to decide how it should be arranged but a good model has been provided in the diagram. [...]

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Teaching Madrassah Pupils with SEND

Madrassah pupils with SEND will often need additional help. This could be a volunteer assistant helping them with their work, or extra help given to them by Madrassah teachers. This page outlines some useful tips and strategies for Madrassah teachers to use in the classroom to help pupils with SEND. Tips to help pupils [...]

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What is SEND?

What is SEND? All children and young people develop at different rates and have both areas of strength and areas of weakness. Madrassah pupils who have additional or different requirements from other pupils, may qualify as having SEN - that is special educational needs. These special educational needs can range from learning difficulties to [...]

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