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The Every Hour Counts Mosque Curriculum (2015) Jamia Al-Karam

Curriculum Overview   The Ever Hour Counts Mosque Curriculum has been designed in order to make full use of students’ time at the Madrassah.   Age group   11 – 16 year olds.   Curriculum Objectives   To have students understand the Qur’an and Hadith directly and thereby to protect them from misguidance and extremism. [...]

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Husayni Curriculum (2008)

Curriculum Overview   The Husayni Qur’an Curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn to read Qur’anic Arabic with tajweed, memorize and understand key themes in popular surahs and understand the history of the Qur’an according to Shia belief.   The Husayni Fiqh Curriculum offers a comprehensive study of Islamic obligations from a Shia perspective. This [...]

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Karimia Let’s Learn Islam Curriculum (2012)

Curriculum Overview   The Karimia Let’s Learn Islam Curriculum has been designed to develop the children’s love of Islam and teach them their fard ‘ain knowledge specific to worship.   The four Islamic Studies textbooks are graded according to age and are available in colour. They cover important topics such as ablution, prayer, fasting, zakkah, [...]

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Welcome To Madrassah.co.uk

Madrassah.co.uk is a unique forum with a dynamic vision. It aims to operate as a non-denominational national platform through which every Madrassah and Islamic Supplementary school may come together to learn, reflect and share good practice on improving the educational, governance, administrative and safeguarding qualities of their institutions. It is also a platform where teachers [...]

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Imtyiaz Damiel

He is the founder and CEO of Abu Hanifah Foundation in Blackburn. He completed five years of an Alim training course, and then went on to complete a BA Hons degree in Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Leeds.

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