Safeguarding is ensuring safe care at home, in schools and in the community for all children. It includes protecting children who are at risk of maltreatment, supporting vulnerable children and taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.

Helping you keep children safe in Madrassahs

Whether you are a parent, teacher, administrator or a leader running a management role that involves interaction with children in Madrassahs or Mosques, this section is aimed at helping you find out about the types of child abuse, how to prevent them, how to protect children at risk of significant harm, as well as advice you on relevant legislation and provide you with latest research and reports.

Safe Management and Recruitment

Find out what Madrassahs need to do when recruiting new staff and how to Manage their institutes in a safeguarding compliant way

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Level 1 Child Protection Safeguarding Training

Mental and Emotional Safety

Find out about how to safeguard children’s mental and emotional health in Madrassahs

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Child Protection Legislation and Research

Find out about relevant legislation and researchon safeguarding.

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Sexual Safety

Find out about how to teach sexual safety in the light of Islamic guidance

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E-Safety Training

Digital and Online Safety

Find out how to keep children safe when online

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Physical Safety

Find out how to ensure that your children are physically safe in your premise

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Abuse Signs & Symptoms

Find out how to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse and how to deal with disclosures about children subjected to abuse

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Anti-Muslim Abuse

Find out how to advice children on how to defeat anti-Muslim hatred and stay safe

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