BETT show brings together the latest technology in Education. Below are a list of technology software, tools and ideas that were exhibited in 2017 aimed at improving and managing Behaviour in the classroom:

1) Class Charts

  • Motivates and rewards your pupils
  • Award positive behaviour in two easy clicks
  • Younger and older children versions
  • Parents get instant access to their child’s behaviour progress through a connected app
  • Creates powerful behaviour reports
  • Have the option of focusing on positive behaviour only
  • Track behaviour
  • Instant seating plan creation
  • Manage detention

2) School Stickers

A wonderful website that contains quality, colourful free resources for awarding pupils. You can obtain:

  • Stickers
  • Postcards
  • Stampers
  • Certificates
  • Wristbands
  • Medals & Trophies
  • Badges
  • Reward Charts

3) Carrot Rewards

  • Helps teachers reward behaviour and achievement in their classroom.
  • Engaging for teachers, pupils and parents.
  • Notify parents when their child receives a reward, they then can leave encouraging messages.
  • Customise Carrot Rewards to work in the way that you want- Set milestone, competitions and manage your shop.
  • Run reports to track behaviour, achievement and attendance
  • Add school prizes which can be purchased by pupils using their MyStickers points. What appears in the shop is up to you. It could be a ‘jump the lunch queue voucher’ or a ‘healthy snack’ – the choice is yours!
  • Offers a fun and safe online portal which allows pupils to see their rewards and redeem their MyStickers points for prizes in the MyStickers shop or buy things for their MySticker ‘Buddy’ Avatar.
  • For individual teachers, a maximum of two per school, the digital sticker version of Carrot is FREE. For a choice of either the digital

4) Trackit Lights

  • Free behaviour boosting teaching tool
  • All students names appear on the wall
  • Traffic light system for recognising behaviour
  • More engaging than a wall chart
  • Saves time
  • Builds a profile of every pupil
  • Scroll through the log history to remember and evidence behaviour
  • Free worksheets to explain how it works to children`